I am so glad you are here. If you didn’t already know, my name is Bailey Bullock. I am a photographer out of rural Kenton, Ohio. I live for making art, I talk with my hands, I love to laugh more than anything. I'm obsessed with vintage and vinal and all things Fleetwood Mac. I want to make some beautiful images for you and hopefully become your friend!

Maybe I should jump right in to all of my credentials, experiences, all of that stuff, but I'd rather make this more about you.


My passion with photography started with a single goal in mind: Creating a safe space for people like you. It’s always super fun to see professional pictures taken of our friends, family, neighbors, but I feel like something we don’t really consider is the importance of comfortability, understanding, and the ability to relate to the person behind the camera, who you are trusting to achieve these desired, life capturing images. I get it, it can feel hard to allow yourself to be vulnerable when posing in front of a camera held by a photographer you may not personally know. Though my photography is centered around your visions, your beauty, your value, and anything else you bring to the table, it is first and foremost centered around you.


I strive to create a safespace for all. Whether it’s you and your family, you and your fiance, a senior session, really, the list is endless - my work is all about You. Any and all are welcomed; You will never be turned away. I welcome all backgrounds, personalities, beliefs, family sizes, all of it. It is an honor to learn and grow from the people I work with. Once this is achieved, that’s where the magic happens.


To close, I could probably let you know that there are in fact hard earned credentials behind this vision. I have a degree in Commercial Photography, have created work that has been entered into several galleries, including the student art show at Owens Community College, a portfolio gallery at River House Art Gallery (Toledo, Ohio), and an exhibit at Wayne State University. I have had the honor of creating photos for a small magazine, and I have volunteered to teach several photography workshops to young local students.


I would be honored to receive the gift of your trust to connect with you and capture exactly who you are. Remember, you are totally welcome in the space I promise to create for you. I value my job and my work, and most importantly, I promise to value you.